May 26, 2024


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Cheap Display Fix Brings Thermal Camera Back To Life

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A working, partially disassembled thermal camera

When it comes to repairability of digital devices, significantly depends on how practical the authentic maker is. Some make repairs quite easy by publishing in-depth provider manuals and marketing spare elements. Others keep almost everything less than wraps to defend their intellectual home, turning even a supposedly uncomplicated resolve into a reverse engineering ordeal. When [BuyItFixIt] obtained his hands on a FLIR multimeter-thermal digital camera mix instrument with a damaged exhibit, he rapidly observed that FLIR was firmly in the “all our patterns are prime secret” camp and wouldn’t even notify him what variety of display they experienced employed.

Not to be deterred, [BuyItFixIt] took the meter apart and experimented with to come across out what was likely completely wrong. The signals from the microprocessor appeared to reach the show Alright, so the fault was someplace in the screen by itself. The display’s component number did not return any handy outcomes on line, but AliExpress did have a incredibly comparable-looking display out there with a a little bit distinct element number. This show seemed to operate at first, but the instrument then bought caught in a boot loop.

Contrary to FLIR, the provider of the alternative display was satisfied to provide datasheets, and even experienced 1 available for the primary FLIR component. With this new info [BuyItFixIt] was equipped to deduce that the new monitor did not output a single sign that the processor predicted to see, producing it to reset itself. A straightforward workaround was to connect the corresponding pin to a PWM sign from the backlight controller, which fooled the CPU into pondering the correct exhibit was connected.

In this situation, a $12 display and a one piece of wire were enough to bring an pricey instrument back to everyday living, but factors are not constantly that uncomplicated. Additional advanced devices can acquire months to debug, even if pieces are available. If not, you could possibly even require to style and design your own.

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