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Common Computer Problems

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Common Computer Problems

Have you ever wanted to buy a computer for the first time? The feeling of excitement of owning would be a breathtaking moment. Computer is the basic instrument used for of technology and in our era, which can be of ways and means to make work faster and efficient. From the point of the invention of the computer, most of the people around the globe are relying on it.

The need for technology is growing to both the corporate world and also for the students. However, it is a fast-paced world that we are facing and more likely growing industry is on its place with the help of technology.

All of us should be aware that the as we are dependent on computers, we have to take good care of it. Most of the common computer problems would be:

• Hardware failure

When many programs are installed, and too much is opened, the tendency would make your hardware slow down and sometimes failed to work.

• Windows crash start-up

Installing an unlicensed software program can be one of the reasons why Windows start-up won’t work. A virus may also interfere.

• Spyware/adware/virus

This would be the most common problem that the computer encounters. It would kill the system of your computer and sometimes automatically shut it down. The best remedy to avoid it is to install anti-virus/spyware/adware.

• Unable to delete files

The “right” violation can be the reason for not deleting files whether it has been used by another person or depending on the operating system. Remember that in every program, it has “the right”.

• Unable to open programs

The Corrupted programs or program which is harmed by virus. Formatting is the solution.

• Loss of RAM

Random Access Memory (RAM) plays a vital role inside the processing unit. It is a data storage where all information of the computer is being stored but without it your PC would be nothing.

• Error codes

Certain codes are automatically installed for a specific software/program in your computer. If one code is missing then the rest would not work.

• Screen freeze

Sometimes the processor might get too busy and this will lead you to freeze your screen. It is best to reboot your PC.

• No speaker sound

Every computer has its own sound card. If you’re not able to hear any sound from your speakers then you should configure your sound card. Computer slow

Upgrading your PC, changing processor, or adding more Random Access Memory (RAM) can surely solve this kind of problem.

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