April 15, 2024


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Windows 7 64 Bit Crashes – Why Does Windows 7 64 Bit Keep Crashing and How to Fix It

Windows 7 64 bit crashes due to various reasons which include problems in operating system files, registry junk, virus infection and defective RAM.

Solutions to Fix Windows 7 Crash

1. Remove malfunctioning shell extensions

2. Check your operating system files and replace them

3. Delete the registry junk

4. Scan the system for viruses and remove them

5. Restore the system to an earlier date

Remove Malfunctioning Shell Extensions

The term ‘shell extension’ refers to the right click items that we see when we right click a drive or a file in My Computer. Often third party software installs their shell extensions. Errors with these shell extensions result in Windows 7 64 bit crashes.

Check your Operating System Files and Replace them

If your system files are unauthorized modified then Windows 7 64 bit crashes can occur. Start scanning your system files and replace them with their original versions. You need to insert the operating system installation disc to undertake this process.

1. Click Start and then Run.

2. Type SFC/ ScanNow.

3. Press ENTER.

Delete the Registry Junk

The registry entries modified in improper ways cause Windows 7 64 bit crashes. Repairing them and removing the registry junk may resolve this problem. Download a Registry Cleaner software to perform this process and fix the problem.

Scan the System for Viruses and Remove them

A virus infected to your computer harms the system files and configures the registry improperly. Scanning and removing the viruses infected to your computer may fix this problem. Use a good antivirus software.

Replace the RAM

Windows 7 64 bit crashes if the RAM is not functioning properly. In such a case, Windows 7 will crash and restart automatically. Remove the existing RAM and check your system for two days with a new RAM installed, if possible.

Restore the System to an Earlier Date

Restoring the state of your operating system to an earlier date may fix Windows 7 64 bit crashes. Use System Restore to do so.

1. Click Start.

2. Type System Restore and press ENTER.

3. Click Next button and follow the instructions on your screen.