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What Does Scalability Mean in Cloud Computing?

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What Does Scalability Mean in Cloud Computing?

What is Scalability?

The question is of what is scalability is often asked. Scalability can handle growth of a Cloud database network by embracing storage and promoting power of a virtual environment. multiple computers hosting information join together so more information and data can be added creating a bigger and faster network that will serve societies needs. Cloud computing is considered scalable with economic growth. As the economy grows relying on data being stored a cloud has the ability to increase storage capacity. A special algorithm is used to determine the needs of a user and will scale the storage environment accordingly. The design and settings of the cloud must be configured properly so the algorithm is able to detect the changes made by the user approximating the amount of bandwidth that is needed to suite the needs of the user. Scale out such as adding a computer to an application. Scale up denotes increasing the storage capacity of the CPU.

Software as a service SaaS is a pay per usage type of capacity this reduces a business IT Cost immensely by outsourcing hardware and software maintenance. The downside is SaaSs stores your data on other clouds giving there a slight chance for data obstruction. End users are individuals who access the cloud based serves through software or through a web browser, light weight app, or mobile app think of you accessing your mobile apps on your smartphone. Cloud hosting relies on sharing resources to achieve economies of scale. This means in the cloud computers rely on other computers to keep data storage capacity large and access fast. The meaning of Cloud Computing is a metaphor for data storage, along with sharing abilities over the web hosting and storing information without using a large expensive server. Amazon for example use of Cloud Computing has cut down their IT costs significantly, and runs all of their data and infrastructure efficiently. They are safe, elastic, and scalable. Their computing power allows them to continually grow their database as well there many applications.

Cloud computing can also be used in the gaming environment gaming direct on demand streams games onto a computer through a thin client. There is no console involved. You can store an infinite amount games from classics to new depending how much you want to spend for space. From the client when buttons are pressed data is sent to the cloud host, recorded, and sends back a response to the controller giving you seamless interaction of data from the database to your screen. Cost efficiency of Cloud Computing is the biggest advantage. The main benefit of Cloud Computing is it is cost efficient. You are able to pick how much bandwidth you want to use and pay accordingly depending on your intended use of a cloud host. The cost can be as little as pennies on the hour. End users are eligible to access all of their data from one device, and share with anyone who is a part of their network. Cloud computing can be very efficient for tracking down lost devices as well especially with iCloud. Cloud Computing is a booming technology that has multiple purposes that will continue to scale, and become more sophisticated. Stay in tune to further explore cloud technology and the benefits it brings today for it is the tomorrow you are educating yourself for.

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