May 28, 2024


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Tig Welding Certification – Strategies For Passing Aerospace Welding Assessments

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Some of you reading through this are about to just take your initial TIG welding certification check in the aerospace business. Maybe you are transitioning from yet another field like pipe welding the place you welded stainless and carbon steel pipe, or foods services in which you welded stainless metal sheet metal. Possibly way, enable me inform you a several strategies that might support you get all set:

Anything is thinner and scaled-down. The tig torch, electrode, filler wire, and possibly even the tig welding equipment will be more compact than you are accustomed to. In pipe welding for illustration, a 1/8 inch rod is regarded the big tig welding rod. In Aerospace tig welding, a 1/16 inch rod is major.

All the things requirements to be cleaned greater. All joints are typically x-rayed in an aerospace tig welding certification check. Metals like titanium, aluminum, and magnesium are vulnerable to porosity. Remember the 3 C’s …clean up, clean up, cleanse. In particular important is filing the sheared edge of metal that will be welded. That sheared edge seems to be pretty clean up but it is a trap for oil and corrosion solutions. File it and when you assume you have submitted it more than enough, file some additional.  

Everything will make a change. Very little items like the measurement of your tack welds, how you placement the examination plates in the fixture, how considerably flow rate is made use of on the purge fuel, angle of torch, angle of filler steel rod, what type of abrasive you use to clean up the metallic, how pure the argon or other shielding gasoline is…you get the photograph.  Like my outdated mentor utilised to notify me…nothing at all is reasonable, but everything  matters.  

Every thing demands to be shielded far better. The incredibly hot tip of the filler rod will set oxides in your puddle. You can get away with a minimal of that in pipe welding stainless and moderate steel, but it will get rid of you when welding one thing like .020″ 15-7 precipitation hardening stainless or .032″ inconel 718. To keep the conclusion of the rod properly shielded , use a tig cup that is at the very least 3/4 inch id. With a diffuser that provides a awesome smooth blanket of argon shielding to the puddle. ..and you need to have to exam it on a scrap piece of titanium to make guaranteed it is operating prior to lights up on your tig welding certification plates.  

3 far more strategies for passing an aerospace tig welding take a look at…

  1. About 1 amp for every 1 countless numbers of thickness welded will get you in the ball park. Established the tig welding device amperage accordingly furthermore about 10 extra amps just in circumstance and use the foot pedal to modify. This will retain you out of difficulty by limiting your amperage. usually a bead width of 4 occasions the thickness welded will get the penetration essential for butt welds.
  2. Use the smallest electrode that will get the task completed.  And sharpen it really very good with scratches working lengthwise. extensive tapered performs better for really skinny (.020″) and much less of a taper is much better for thicker welds
  3. Use the smallest filler wire that will get the job done with owning to feed also substantially. Much too big a tig welding rod will attract too a great deal heat out of the puddle and will lead to you to use far more amperage than is demanded . Too little a filler wire will bring about you to feed far too substantially and you cant hold up.
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