April 19, 2024


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The Novation Ultranova MIDI Keyboard Synthesizer

The Novation Ultranova MIDI keyboard synthesizer is a single portion synth employing the Supernova II synth motor put together with more recent technological innovation and model new capabilities. It really is the latest addition to the “Nova” collection of analog-modelling synthesizers. The to start with point that catches your eye is that its blue – a return to the traditional blue of the legendary Supernova II. Even the backlight of the mod wheel and pitch bender is blue (which you can choose to convert off or have it switch on when in use).

There are 37 comprehensive sized keys that are responsive to both velocity and aftertouch and they are rapidly and really playable. It will come with a generous proportion of buttons and knobs for just about every use you can visualize – 8 detented touch rotary delicate encoders, 1 significant smooth encoder, 1 big patch find and speed dial encoder, 2 volume and observe mix dials, a pitch wheel and a modulation wheel. And so you know the names and values parameters of what you happen to be executing you can find a 144 character Liquid crystal display display.

What would make the Novation Ultranova MIDI keyboard synthesizer conquer is its synth device. It really is centered on the Supernova II rack and will come as a one section with up to 18 voices, 14 filter forms, 36 wavetables, 5 result slots and a Patch Browse that enables you to look through 300 appears by style & style. What may perhaps shock a great deal of nova end users is that in contrast to its predecessors the Ultranova is monotimbral.

Every single of the 18 voices has a few oscillators that each have impartial density, digital sync and detuning. Each oscillator will come with 70 sound resource selections with 14 analog and 24 digital waves to opt for from together with 36 wavetables. Then there are the manufacturing unit patches. There are 4 banks each with 128 patches. You can find the patch you want simply just by turning the huge patch selector or pressing the patch select button. It can be effortless to opt for the one particular you want considering the fact that the patches are numerically or alphabetically sorted.

And speaking of patches, the Novation Ultranova MIDI keyboard synthesizer also arrives with a patch librarian that you can host on a Laptop or a Mac. With it you can preserve an limitless selection of patches to your host personal computer and arrange them the way you want them. With the 12 band vocoder that arrives with its own goose neck microphone you can process your individual voice (via the mic) or other seems (by means of the stereo line inputs in the back).

Then there’s the effective application editor that allows you to do visible modifying of all parameters as a plug in editor of your Electronic Audio Workstation computer software. You can also turn the Ultranova into a MIDI controller with the automapping function. You can use the 8 controllers as parameter controllers for instruments you want managed. The Novation Ultranova MIDI keyboard synthesizer is a single impressive device with its 18 voice synth motor and solutions. It provides excellent audio and a versatile layout. There is, on the other hand, a probable significant learning curve and when the options are impressive they are not automatically special in particular with its competitiveness. But it will get the work performed and that is what counts.