June 17, 2024


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The HTC Rhyme Offers Good Hardware Extras

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The HTC Rhyme offers a good range of accessories which include a headset, car kit and stylus. You can create great videos, capture and edit photos and more with this intuitive handset which also comes in a thin and lightweight design, and the accessories add further to what it can provide.

The in-box headset which accompanies the phone is perfect for listening to all of your music through the preinstalled Music application which can run simultaneously with others through the advanced HTC Sense environment which is embedded with the Android operating system running. You can also purchase and use theCharm call indicator accessory which is small and discreet in its design, and illuminates when you get a call or other incoming notification on the handset. It is on a lead and designed to dangle from your purse, bag or pocket where you can easily see that your handset needs your attention. Best of all it uses the 3.5mm audio port so it is easy to connect and to use.

Although the Rhyme as with many other handsets such as the HTC Sensation XL includes a large touch display (in this case a 3.7 inch display), as well as offering both an intuitive user interface along with full onscreen keyboards for fast and easy input, it can still be difficult to use the device at times. Some users may find it easier to get and use the optional stylus which is like a pen for the touch display, and allows you to more accurately tap the onscreen controls and QWERTY keyboards when typing messages and emails. This along with the charm indicator are among a variety of accessories designed specifically for this handset. Others include Media Link DLNA streamers to provide a fast DLNA wireless connection between the phone and another compatible device, such as a television. There is also both a data cable and car kit designed for use with this phone respectively. Accessories such as these help to make the phone even more useful and specific to your needs, for example you may be a regular driver or need to connect via DLNA or USB on a regular basis to share files and more between devices.

Along with the many functions that you can perform on the HTC Rhyme, its useful additional hardware even further adds to its appeal and offers yet more capabilities. Whether alone or with accessories in tow however, it is clearly a very powerful mobile to have.

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