May 26, 2024


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SecurityCenter Removal – Remove SecurityCenter With the Best Spyware Remover

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Security Center information

Security Center, also known as SecurityCenter, is another legitimately-sounding rogue that misleads and terrorizes computer users. This rogue anti-spyware program behaves very dangerous, for it can install into your computer system without your permission or consent through system exploits or other ways. Actually, it is pure scam and infection.

How dangerous is this fake anti-spyware software?

SecurityCenter reports fake scan results, fake security warnings messages and popups that user’s computer is infected with spyware. For doing so, it only wants to trick users to buy “full” version of this program. You should not download or trust this fake software, once you get one in your computer, you should remove SecurityCenter as soon as possible!

How to Remove it Manually?

Noted to back up your registry and system, and set a restore point before this removal in case of a mistake.

1. Stop Security Center Processes through Task Manager

2. Remove all the files associated with it in the directory of Temp in Local Settings.

3. Search all the files associated with its files with Resource Manager and delete them.

4. Remove the registry entries generated by this program.

How to Remove this fake software Automatically?

Though manually removing SecurityCenter is possible, if any mistakes are made during the process such a manual activity can permanently damage your system. Thus, manual spyware removal is recommended only for those computer geeks who live and breathe computer. For most computer users, we recommend using a powerful and updated spyware remover to remove Security Center automatically.

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