May 21, 2024


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Safeguard Your Windows File Registry – Use an Effective Registry Cleaner

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How many times have you updated or altered your Windows file registry today?

Ninety-nine of one hundred Windows users probably cannot begin to answer the question; and, to some extent, the question may invite two contradictory answers. In everyday use, you never would venture into your file registry to edit the settings or make manual adjustments. Not even computer engineers with years of experience and advanced degrees in information technology venture into file registries except under the most exigent circumstances. But every time you log-on or log-off, add or change users, reset preferences, set passwords, or connect peripherals, you change your file registry. The changes happen more or less “invisibly” as your Windows OS automatically updates information in the file registry to personalize your work and keep pace with your constantly evolving style.

Your file registry remembers all your personal data.

Because your file registry works automatically and invisibly, you probably never think about it. You may not even have known of its existence until recently, and you may still feel a little uncertain about its function. Comparing your Windows OS with your own human intelligence, you draw an analogy between your central processing unit and consciousness; then, you compare the registry with memory. The registry stores all the vital information your CPU needs to do its work, and it especially stores information that distinguishes your computer from all the others almost like it everywhere around the world. Your CPU, for example, needs your internet address when you log-on to the web; it finds your IP address in the file registry. Apply the same basic principle to everything your computer does.

Protect your file registry to prevent identity theft.

Given the importance of the information in your file registry, you want to protect it against intruders and damage. FBI agents who specialize in cyber crimes currently estimate than more than 60% of all identity theft now takes place via the internet; and they say, sadly, if the bad guys want your information badly enough, they will find a way into your hard drive. They quickly add, however, that you can make the bad guys’ work considerably more difficult and keep yourself much safer if you take a few common sense preventive measures.

Even the makers of the world’s best registry scanners and cleaners agree that security software takes precedence over their products: You must protect your computer against viruses, adware, spyware, malware, and scareware. And you must keep your security software completely up to date, because rogue programmers have developed some of the most insidious and virulent malware to evade detection by standard virus detectors. Makers of security suites, however, very strongly recommend that you add a file registry cleaner to your protective devices; and they suggest you run your registry cleaner at least once each week-more often if you frequently work via the internet and depend on your PC for your livelihood.

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