June 19, 2024


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My First Website – Monitor Earnings

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If you have decided to create a commercial website then you are using one or more advertising programs. The first step is, of course, market niche selection, then follows keyword research, website creation and finally search engine optimization. Before you will achieve decent ranking on the first page of search results you will have to promote the website to get some backlinks. But sooner or later you will make a sale and somebody will click on the ad on your page. You will make your first dollar.

Now comes the most interesting part–earning money. If everything was set up correctly you only need to continue with off-site optimizations and the money should come on a regular basis. Creating a profitable website is not easy, many interesting niches are already saturated. But when you find one you only need to stay ahead of competition. But there is also one important task you have to do it on a regular basis–to check earnings.

In fact, you need to check two things: performance of the website and earnings. Performance can easily be checked with Google Analytics. But to check for earnings you need to log in to the administration page of each of the advertising programs you are using. This is not complicated but is has many disadvantages. You have to do in manually and usually you have no statistics for past activity. And even if you have some reports they are usually very limited and presented only in table form. A much better solution is to use dedicated software.

There are many dedicated programs that can monitor earning from many advertising programs. Most such programs concentrate only on Google AdSense, but there are also universal programs that can monitor earnings from many other popular programs. There are many advantages of using such programs.

The first one is pretty obvious. The program automatically downloads data. You can define the update period which also depends on how often the data is refreshed at the source page. AdSense data is updated quite frequently so it makes sense to set update period to one or two hours. This way you will be up to date with earnings and you can also define special events like email or sound alert when you reach a predefined threshold.

Another benefit of using a program to monitor earnings is the possibility to display relevant information in the form of charts. This way you can easily track earnings, clicks and other parameters over time. Using this information together with Google Analytics you can easily figure out how you can further optimize the website to increase earnings.

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