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MCSA Certification Exam – 70-270

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MCSA Certification Exam – 70-270

MCSA Certification Exam: 70-270

Installing, Configuring and Administering Microsoft Home windows XP Specialist

Following you review your textual content guides it is crucial to check your freshly acquired knowledge and see just how very well you have absorbed the material. Practice exams….

* Reinforces what you learnt – fill in the gaps of what you skipped
* Gets you applied to answering queries to build self-assurance and familiarity

Here are 10 A number of selection tests inquiries for you to follow on:

Issue 1# – You are the administrator of a Windows XP Skilled computer named computer system1. The personal computer is linked to the Web. Pro1 gives Internet accessibility to eight other Windows XP Specialist personal computers that are related to Professional1. You permit Ineternet Link Sharing (ICS) and Web Link Firewall (ICF) on computer system1.

You operate an software named Application1 on laptop1. Application1 communicates with an on-line training company on the Online. In purchase to display an on line seminar, the instruction business demands to get hold of the Application1 software at port 5800.

You want to ensure that the schooling firm can link to the Application1 software. What ought to you do?

A. Configure ICF to empower the Online Control Information Protocol (ICMP) Permit redirect. Then start off the App1 application that opens port 5800.

B. Develop a new support definition named App1. Use port 5800 as the external and interior port amount.

C. Edit the %systemroot&Process32DriversEtcServices file on Professional1 to consist of a provider definition named Application1 for port 5800.

D. Alter the TCP/IP options on computer1 to empower TCP/IP filtering. Permit community targeted visitors on port 5800.

Question 2# – You are the desktop administrator for your company’s profits section. The IT manager for the profits department desires to ensure that each and every Windows XP Expert event log retains around 5 MB of information.

He deploys this coverage to the desktops in the revenue section by working with Group Policy. You locate out that the policy has not been utilized consistently. You need to have to assure that the plan is used regularly. Which command need to you operate?

A. Secedit /refreshpolicy person_policy
B. Secedit /refreshpolicy equipment_plan
C. Gpupdate /goal:pc
D. Gpupdate /concentrate on:person

Problem 3# – You are the desktop administrator for Adventure Will work. You conduct a cleanse set up of Home windows XP Experienced on 25 personal computers. All of these computers are section of a workgroup named Dev. All of the pcs in Dev are configured to require a person identify and password for logon. 30 working day immediately after the installation, all users in the Dev workgroup report that they cannot log on to their computer systems. How should really you right this problem?

A. Use the Windows product or service Activation wizard on all desktops to activate Windows XP Qualified by means of the Microsoft Clearing Home.

B. On each computer, log on as a local administrator and reset the person password at the up coming logon.

C. Restart every single laptop or computer in secure method, and modify the regional account policy expiration from 30 days to zero days.

D. Restart every single laptop or computer in safe and sound manner. Use technique restore, specifying the restore place that was designed after the cleanse set up of Home windows XP Specialist.

Dilemma 4# – You have up-to-date a product driver for a laptop functioning Home windows XP Professional, but you now working experience method problems. What must you do to right the challenge?

A. Restart the computer system

B. Take away the gadget driver you up to date and reinstall it.

C. Roll back again the product driver you installed to the preceding driver.

D. Working with the Increase Hardware Wizard, get rid of and reinstall the components with the current system driver

E. Confirm that the gadget driver was signed by Microsoft and reinstall it

Question 5# – You have enabled files on a user’s laptop for offline use. Which of the following gatherings manifest when the user disconnects from the community?

A. The user is prompted to recognize whether or not the procedure ought to maintain the network version of the file or the user’s regional copy of the file.

B. Adjustments to the user’s community copy of the file are overwritten by the network duplicate.

C. The person starts to get the job done with a community cached duplicate of the file rather of the network version of the file.

D. The network duplicate of the file and the local cached duplicate of the file are synchronized.

E. The nearby copy of the file replaces the network copy.

Query 6# – A laptop or computer that you guidance has been the goal of a hacker. You would like more info about how this person is making an attempt to attain obtain to this pc. Which log really should you examine?

A. The Safety Log.
B. The Program Log.
C. The Application Log.
D. The Authentication Log.
E. The Occasions Log.

Concern 7# – You are the assist desk aid personnel for a sports activities products manufacturer. You are configuring your transportable computer.

You configure your process such that the commence time can be reduced and the complete condition of the computer system can be saved and then the power turned off. On one particular instance the method condition fails to be restored. What is the probable problem?

A. Publish is disabled
B. the hibernation file is corrupted
C. stand-by is disabled
D. energy star is disabled

Query 8# – A distant consumer would like to make a a lot quicker relationship to the network. She is confined to employing a dial-up connection. Her area does not guidance DSL or cable modem connections. What, if any, solutions are out there to this user?

A. The consumer must use v.92 compression routines to boost the sum of data throughput.

B. The person must established up a multilink connection, working with two modems to link to the World wide web.

C. The user should investigate the availability of ISDN support.

D. You should really examine establishing a stage-to-position wireless connection amongst your site and the user’s.

E. The consumer ought to have a devoted knowledge line mounted by the cellphone organization.

Concern 9# – You believe that you are going through packet reduction somewhere on your community. Which instrument would be useful in locatiing a prospective supply for the reduction?

A. ping
B. tracert
C. ipconfig
D. pathping
E. arp

Problem 10# – You are troubleshooting a dilemma with your video clip driver. You want to make confident you load a primary VGA video clip driver when you reboot. Utilizing Home windows XP Specialist, how can you do this?

A. Restart the pc. Home windows XP Specialist will detect the non-functional driver and find a new a single.

B. Roll back again the unit driver to the most current edition and reboot.

C. Boot into harmless manner. Make alterations to the driver there and reboot.

D. Insert the /basevideo change to the [operating system] entries in the boot.ini file.

E. Reset your monitor to 640 x 480 resolution in the Display control panel and reboot the laptop.


Problem 1# – Accurate Responses: B
Concern 2# – Proper Answers: C
Dilemma 3# – Suitable Solutions: A
Dilemma 4# – Right Responses: C
Problem 5# – Suitable Solutions: C,D
Concern 6# – Accurate Answers: A
Issue 7# – Suitable Responses: B
Question 8# – Suitable Responses: B
Query 9# – Accurate Responses: D
Dilemma 10# – Right Solutions: D

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