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How Can One Person Maintain Such Incredible Productivity, She Asked Me

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How Can One Person Maintain Such Incredible Productivity, She Asked Me

When I retired I became an online article author and after a number of subsequent years I had written thousands of articles. Often, new online article authors ask me how on earth I wrote that many articles. Why just the other day someone asked me; how can one person maintain that level of insane productivity? I had never really thought about it that way, because during my business years I was always working 17 hours a day, and I don’t think I ever took a day off, not that I can ever remember. Okay so let’s talk about this for a second shall we, the whole issue with productivity in the modern information age.

You see, it’s as if the whole world has gone mobile, and also gone mobilely mad. There was an interesting article on Read-Write-Web recently titled; “The iPhone Killed My Creativity,” by Brian S. Hall, posted on March 29, 2013. Really, isn’t that just about it? And not only do I believe the iPhone, or any of these smart phone personal tech devices, along with all of the iPad like tablet computers somewhat challenge creativity, but I also believe they are slowly destroying productivity as well. If you sit in a meeting, everyone is busy playing on their personal tech devices rather than thinking and strategizing.

Now then, back to the question above. When I was asked how can one person maintain such incredible productivity, my answer is simple, I don’t spend time on Facebook, and I don’t spend time staring at my personal tech devices all day. I don’t try to multitask my way into success. It takes concentration to do things right. Does this mean there is no place for mobile technology? Sure there is, and they are great productivity tools if use them right. But very few people do, oh they may think they do, but in reality they are filling their minds with nonsense, busy work, and silly text messages which don’t mean anything, those are mostly just communications which aren’t of any real value.

It’s as if the whole world is running around trying to be connected by wasting each other’s time. Yes, one person can write 4000 articles online every year and still have a life, run a business, and enjoy all their hobbies. But not if you take four hours a day running around playing on social networks and text messaging friends little BS tidbits of nothingness. Every time you send a text message you make a choice, and all of those combined choices are what is destroying your productivity. You have yourself to blame, and if you’d stop, you could be productive too. Please consider all this and think on it.

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