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How Can I Detect Spyware

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How Can I Detect Spyware

According to CNN an amazing 90% of all windows computers are infected with spyware. Many people work daily on their computer not knowing that their computer can work faster and safer.

Having spyware or adware on your computer can result in many different kinds of problems. The first step is to know if your computer is infected or not.

The most obvious signs of infection is that you see windows popop on your screen with advertisements. Its especially suspicious when you don’t have any browers windows open.

Also a clear sign of infection is if your computer becomes slower and slower. spyware programs can use a lot of your computer’s resources. Especially if you have more then one infection. Your computer does not have unlimited resources. when it runs our it becomes immensely slow.

Spy or adware infections can be used for illegal practices, such as stealing your credit card information or your passwords. However, in most cases your infected computer is simply abused as a weapon to attack government or company servers. These practices usually lead to a slowdown of your internet. Pages time out or seem to load forever.

If suddenly your start page of your browser changes, and/or you see new bookmarks or shortcuts on your desktop that you didnt add there then you also know that your computer has been infected.

Most people do not even know that their computers are infected, the signs are not always that visible, to be 100% sure that your computer is ad/spyware free you can install a Spyware remove utility from the Internet. These utilities can detect and remove any adware and spyware infections from your computer. And even better, some of those programs can prevent your computer from getting infected in the first place.

Since spyware and adware are not labeled as a virus, virus scanners will not detect them.

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