May 26, 2024


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Data Recovery – NTFS Data Recovery

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NTFS (New Technology File System) is the standard windows file system management device, which is incorporated with automated data recovery tools. These tools give NTFS an edge over other file system devices like windows FAT (File Allocation Table). The tools aid NTFS data recovery in two ways namely; transaction logging and cluster remapping.

Transaction logging is a feature that prevents loss of data especially through corruption of data. The processes involved in achieving this are complex. However, in summary it is carried out when the operating system considers every write action that modifies a file as a transaction. There are no incomplete transactions because by design this feature does not accept them. While cluster remapping is a technical procedure which precludes data loss by mechanically transferring data from clusters with bad sectors to good clusters.

Notwithstanding the great features of NTFS, it can still be corrupted. Consequently, third party involvement is required in NTFS data recovery. Although NTFS in-spite of this still performs better than other file systems because it is more secured and less prone to failure when compared with them.

Data corruption as a result of certain types of hardware failure can occur with NTFS. Also, corruption of the Master Boot Record or boot sector will definitely corrupt your data. Don’t get all worked up if you fear you are experiencing this because there is a solution to this problem. Doing an NTFS data recovery of your boot sector where the need arises is a corrective measure. A preventive measure that you should acquaint yourself with is owning your own recovery disk. I am not here referring to the one that came with your laptop or computer system which was configured by the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). No, no….. but I am referring to one you can configure yourself in order to bring your computer to a state it was just before it crashed, failed…. You might say well I don’t need one since my computer came with it. Good, but you still need one because the manufacturer’s recovery disk is only designed to restore your computer to the state it was at the point of purchase.

However, if you don’t want to take this path you can go online to get more information from your manufacturer’s web-site on how to re install applications on your computer system if and when you experience possible data corruption or system failure. This option is usually more expensive, but with less risk when compared to re installation of application from your own recovery disk.

Please be informed that NTFS data recovery features stated here are with respect to a feature referred to as self-healing NTFS. This feature is usually found in recent version of Windows like Windows Vista.

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