June 17, 2024


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CCTV Monitors – Stay Secure in Mind and Home

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CCTV Monitors of closed circuit television monitors are television like monitors that have a closed circuit meaning they do not pick up any airwaves or television channels from anywhere else but what is fed to it.

Typically a CCTV monitor is used with a video camera system. The video links directly the monitor and sends a signal to whatever monitors are on the network. The video camera will send a direct feed to the monitor. The monitor is unable to pick up anything but the feed from the video camera.


The first monitor used of this type was used in Germany in 1942. The system was German in design and was used as part of a video surveillance system on a military base. Since its inception this video monitoring system has taken off and is commonly used across many different industries.

In 1968 Olean NY installed the first system of its kind on a city street with the hopes of discouraging crime in the area. There was outrage from the public, to think that law enforcement were sitting in the police station monitoring the citizens coming and going a demand for the systems removal was made with a long list of petitioners that signed off on the demand. They system was not removed and although greatly upgraded is still in use today.

Many municipalities rely on CCTV Monitors to keep their city streets safe, they can be used to direct law enforcement to a specific location and to prevent violence before it happens. Many citizens find this to be an invasion of privacy.


Besides municipalities using this technology to keep track of city streets, these systems are used by many different industries to monitor work performance, like in a factory setting where quality is important.

Banks use these systems to make sure the bank is secure. Many public buildings also use these systems to monitor parking areas and other public areas where people travel for security purposes.

A new trend has seen these systems installed in homes for security and in daycares so that parents can view their children while they are being cared for.

CCTV Monitors are an innovative tool that is being used in many nontraditional applications, to bring peace of mind to people.

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