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About LCD Monitors

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About LCD Monitors

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) monitors were very expensive than conventional CRTs and therefore they were generally used only in Laptops and similar devices. But in the recent past the prices of LCD monitors have come down considerably. At present they are affordable even to low end users. LCD is still costlier than other types of monitors in the contemporary markets. But consumers find many advantages in them. Primarily it is the energy efficiency that persuades the consumers to opt for LCD despite the higher price tag. The sleek and stylish monitor is now much sought after product due to the qualitative superiority it commands over other categories.

LCD monitors are available in different sizes between 17 to 26 inches. Predominantly it is 17 to 19 inch monitors that are widely used for normal purposes. Those users who want it for widescreen display, gaming and graphics seek larger sizes which are 19 inches and above. Apart from the size of the monitor, there are a few other important factors that are to be considered while choosing this monitor. Native resolution is very relevant. It represents the number of pixels displayed horizontally and vertically on the screen. For example the native resolution of 1920 x 1080 in a 23 inch monitor is considered as adequate. Lower resolution will result in blurred and disproportionate images. But for basic computer use, native resolution is not very important as inadequate resolution will not make much impact on the working of the system. When it comes to movies, gaming or graphics screen resolution will play very important role to provide enhanced screen space as well as sharp images.

Contrast ratio, response time and aspect ratio are other factors which are very relevant in the choice of the monitor. The ratio between the darkest and lightest colours on the screen is known as contrast ratio. Response time represents the time taken for images to appear through the liquid crystals. Aspect ratio is the proportion between the horizontal and vertical length of the picture appearing on the screen. Conventional screens will have aspect ratio of 4:3 whereas the widescreen will have either 16:9 or 16:10. The later is applicable to high definition displays. Apart from the features mentioned above, viewing angle is an important factor. A minimum viewing angle of 160 degrees is needed to offer comfortable viewing especially when few persons watch the monitor together. Interface is another feature which is to be considered while buying an LCD monitor. Most of the monitors comes with VGA cable connection which is standard analogue video connection for PCs. For digital interface DVI connectivity is essential. Modern LCD monitors come with HDMI interface which is standard connection for high definition displays.

LCD monitors are now very popular among consumers. This trend is reflected in the flooding of the products in the markets. Some of the best quality monitors widely sold in UK are from leading manufacturers like ACER, HP, LG, NEC and Samsung. There are several other brands like VIEW SONIC, DELL, FUJITSU, SANYO and TOSHIBA which are also popular in the global markets. The consumers can visit relevant websites exclusively dealing with this monitors which can offer authentic information about the products like models, brands, features incorporated, and price comparison. Independent reviews will be helpful for consumers to evaluate the products and to choose one depending on the specific requirements.

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