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Linux Details Restoration – GRUB Mistake 17 and Recovery Alternatives

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GNU GRUB or the GRand Unified Bootloader is a boot loader bundle from GNU with the implementation of multi boot specification. This allows a user to set up multiple working method in a one pc and select the 1, which is to be run when the computer commences. GRUB facilitates a rich set of terminal instructions that enable a person to watch the tricky disk partition aspects, alter partition settings, briefly re-map the disk order, boot any user-described configuration file and look at the configuration of other boot loaders in GRUB supported file formats. Typically, GRUB faults show that the hard generate is suffering from errors and in individuals conditions, if updated backup is not available, Linux information restoration is the only safe and sound possibility to get your useful info back.

Taking a serious existence instance in account, although making an attempt to boot, your Linux base method gave an mistake and the info saved develop into inaccessible. The error may possibly go through as follows:


“GRUB Error 17: Are not able to mount picked partition” –


The earlier mentioned GRUB error information may well occur thanks to adhering to motives:

If the partition, that has been requested, exists, but the file process kind can’t be recognized by GRUB.

The mount stage for the booting in the file /etc/fstab is pointing to an incorrect boot unit. Note: ‘/and so on/fstab’ is the file that lists all the offered disks, their partitions and conveys their initialization facts when the mount command is employed on the products.

Some of your LINUX partition is suffering from file method corruption faults. Nevertheless, GRUB has unsuccessful to acknowledge the mistake and started off booting up that corrupted partition.


If the file ‘/and so on/fstab’ that typically points to an incorrect boot partition, consider to edit it as per the boot system.

Test to operate ‘fsck’ command on your boot partition to correct the glitches with your file program.

Just after hoping the above steps, if the difficulty nevertheless persists, reformat the partition.

However, formatting will erase all the details from the partition and to restore the exact, you need to have up-to-date backup. If the backup is not accessible, or thanks to any rationale, it unsuccessful to restore the knowledge, Linux file recovery application is the only implies that can recover and restore your valuable details into its first condition.

These Linux knowledge restoration softwares are hazard free of charge with respect to info, as they never further more problems neither the details nor the storage media.

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