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Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certification: 1Z0-147 or 1Z0-144?

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For Oracle gurus who are pursuing the Oracle PL/SQL Developer Accredited Affiliate certification, there are two exams that will fulfill the PL/SQL requirement: “1Z0-147: Method with PL/SQL” and the more recent version: “1Z0-144: Oracle Database 11g: System with PL/SQL”. There is a reasonable sum of confusion among candidates trying to find certification more than whether they ought to acquire a person check, or the other, or each. The intent of this post is to enable reveal the two checks, their similarities and variances, and why you could possibly consider a person over the other.

A person point ought to be produced obvious from the outset: there is under no circumstances a purpose to choose the two checks. As opposed to the DBA observe, Oracle PL/SQL certifications are not tied to the database launch. You do not develop into certified in launch X of Oracle PL/SQL and then have a need to get update examinations. Since both of these two exams will fulfill the OCA-stage PL/SQL need, passing the other would give no certification gain. That explained, you need to come to a decision which of the two checks to pursue. The 1Z0-147 exam is many decades older than 1Z0-144. Until there is a particular explanation that taking the more mature examination will advantage you, your greater alternative is to go with the 11G edition of the exam. Until Oracle retires 1Z0-147, having said that, the selection is yours.

The two assessments have a wonderful deal of commonality in between them. This would make feeling as they are for primarily the very same matter. What is shocking is the selection of variances that exist involving the two. 1Z0-144 is not simply just a remake of the before check with new PL/SQL characteristics from versions 10G and 11G tacked on. There is an fully diverse experience to the test and the subject areas lined. There are quite a few sections that do not exist in 1Z0-147 which protect attributes that did not exist in 9i. Nevertheless, the greater part of the new sections in 1Z0-144 cover main matters of PL/SQL programming that arguably need to have been in the before take a look at. Some of the sorts of information included in 1Z0-144 but not 1Z0-147 involve:

  • The positive aspects of using PL/SQL
  • Programming basics, which includes variables, conventions, attributes, and lexical units
  • Use of SQL features in PL/SQL
  • Implicit vs. explicit info conversion
  • Use of labels, indentation, and whitespace to make far more readable code
  • The use of DML in PL/SQL
  • The use of handle buildings and Loops
  • The use of cursors and cursor characteristics
  • The use of the FOR UPDATE clause
  • Exception Handling
  • PL/SQL Structure things to consider
  • Composite knowledge varieties
  • Autonomous transactions
  • BULK SQL functions
  • PL/SQL compiler alterations

The quantity of topics coated in 1Z0-147 that are not protected in 1Z0-144 is much lesser. Having said that, the to start with 3 are surprising considering the pronounced change to PL/SQL fundamentals in the 11G exam:

  • Privileges expected to execute processes
  • Parameter modes and DEFAULT values
  • Parameter passing approaches — by reference vs. by benefit
  • A significantly larger sized aim on triggers
  • Extra references to client-aspect PL/SQL (1Z0-144 mainly ignores client-side)
  • Extra target on PL/SQL dependencies and invalidations
  • Huge objects and the use of the DBMS_LOB deal

If you end up pursuing 1Z0-147, be absolutely sure to examine utilizing the Oracle 9i documentation. Abilities that had been added to PL/SQL in 10G or 11G will not be on that test. Possessing researched the matters for both checks, I consider 1Z0-144 to be the better examination from the standpoint of the info analyzed. The issue make a difference is a greater mix of what is vital for an entry-level PL/SQL developer to know. New developers studying for this exam will come out with a more rounded and complete awareness of PL/SQL fundamentals. Whichever test you go after, be positive to study every of the examination subject areas listed on the Oracle Education and learning site prior to scheduling the examination. Good luck on the examination.

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