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No alien life discovered on Earth, Pentagon says, but search deepens

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No alien life discovered on Earth, Pentagon says, but search deepens


A new office environment at the Pentagon is scrutinizing hundreds of experiences of unknown objects in air, sea, place and outside of, senior U.S. defense officers claimed Friday, and when it has found out no symptoms of alien lifestyle, the lookup is established to broaden.

The problem has taken on expanding seriousness as a bipartisan group of lawmakers presses the Protection Department to examine occasions of unidentified phenomena and disclose publicly what they study. Proven in July, the All-area Anomaly Resolution Place of work is analyzing recent stories and quickly could examine accounts that date back again many years, officers explained.

Armed service video displays UAPs captured by the Navy in 2004 near San Diego. (Video clip: To The Stars Academy of Arts and Science)

The Pentagon’s leading intelligence formal, Ronald Moultrie, explained to reporters through a information meeting, the very first to talk about the business and its ongoing get the job done, that “At this time … we have nothing” to affirm the existence of area aliens.

The proliferation of drones, such as these operated by international adversaries and amateur hobbyists, account for a lot of of the reports, officials said.

“Some of these factors pretty much collide with planes,” said Sean Kirkpatrick, the director of the new place of work, who spoke to the media alongside Moultrie on Friday. “We see that on a typical basis.”

The U.S. government employs subtle sensors close to the world to acquire info, and the business analyzes it for appropriate information and facts, they said, declining to elaborate.

UFO listening to features historic testimony from Pentagon officials

While most of the experiences the Pentagon investigates are about aerial objects, defense officials are more and more involved about strange action down below the floor of the ocean, in house and on land. For that motive, the Pentagon now uses the expression unidentified anomalous phenomena, or UAP, alternatively than earlier descriptions this sort of as “unidentified flying object.”

Moultrie said that, “Unidentified phenomena in all domains … pose likely threats to individual protection and operational protection, and they have earned our urgent notice.”

Unknown “trans-medium” objects, he reported, is a course of phenomena that would leap among domains, like from the air to the sea. None has been documented still, Moultrie mentioned.

The investigation is most likely to increase up coming calendar year. Congress wrote a provision into the subsequent defense plan invoice, which is awaiting President Biden’s signature, that necessitates the Protection Division to complete a “historical record report” about detailing unknown phenomena observed and documented by the United States. If authorised by Biden, the National Defense Authorization Act will then set off “quite a research venture, if you will, into the archives,” Kirkpatrick reported.

U.S. not able to reveal more than 140 unidentified traveling objects, but new report finds no evidence of alien lifetime

Defense officials now are digging by means of old experiences. Kirkpatrick, a physicist and career intelligence officer, explained he will “adhere to the scientific strategy — and I will adhere to that knowledge and science wherever it goes.” Some earlier reviews, he acknowledged, could be highly categorised and not still recognized to him.

Moultrie reported he has not witnessed something in present documentation that includes “alien visitation, an alien crash, or anything like that.” But if one thing of “alien origin” emerges, he said, defense officers will examine it and get “appropriate actions.” He did not elaborate.

On May 17, Congress held a hearing on UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena), better known as UFOs. This is why. (Online video: Monica Rodman, Sarah Hashemi/The Washington Publish)

In May, lawmakers held the 1st congressional hearing on the subject in 50 several years, looking for to carry the concern out of the shadows, they explained. That followed the release of a report previous year by the Business office of the Director of National Intelligence that scrutinized 144 cases of unknown phenomena, and did not locate evidence of extraterrestrial visits.

“Some UAP appeared to stay stationary in winds aloft, go in opposition to the wind, maneuver abruptly, or move at considerable velocity, without discernible implies of propulsion,” the report explained. “In a modest number of circumstances, army plane techniques processed radio frequency (RF) strength associated with UAP sightings.”

Researchers included with the report labeled the phenomena in five categories: man-created objects cluttering the air, dampness and other pure objects, gentleman-made American aircraft, overseas-designed aircraft, and a vague fifth alternative “other.”

Moultrie explained one more DNI report will be unveiled by the stop of the 12 months.

Shane Harris contributed to this report.

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