May 28, 2024


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Monitor Lifting Straps for Rigging Safety

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It’s important everyone involved in rigging is trained on safety procedures. You need to understand the limits of your lifting straps.

If you are involved in any rigging in your current position, then you must understand how important it is to follow proper safety techniques. Rigging heavy items can be extremely dangerous if not done properly. It’s often a good idea to train people directly and indirectly involved in the rigging process for the safety of the entire crew. Everyone should be trained on the limitations of equipment and lifting straps. You will want to ensure that the equipment does not become strained or compromised in any way.

Before you begin doing any rigging job, you will need to confirm that the load does not exceed the rated capacity. You should be conscious of the center of gravity to prevent your equipment from turning over. Be sure that everyone around you is aware of your intentions and where the load is expected to go. When possible, try to clear the area of other personnel. You can also communicate to others with hand signals as long as everyone is clear as to their meanings. While you are moving the load, avoid sharp objects or anything that could compromise your lifting straps.

When making overhead lifts, make sure everyone in the area wears hard hats. Lift the load very slowly. This will help prevent jarring items in your load and throwing the balance off. You may need to adjust the lifting straps as necessary to accommodate the load. Another important tip is to never leave your load unattended. You need to keep it in sight at all times. Leaving a load unattended can create a workplace hazard. Be sure to review these safety tips with other workers on a regular basis to ensure that everyone on the team is aware. It’s important to hold people accountable if they do not follow safety guidelines.

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