May 25, 2024


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Modern Closet Door Dimensions

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Modern closet doors are often seen as an easy choice for helping to bring your interior rooms up to date. From sliding or mirror paneled doors to louvered and frosted glass doors there are many options to choose from. Depending on your interior area, bifold doors or dividers, even organizers or divider systems can be used. The location in the interior of your home will also dictate the type of modern closet doors you would need, or would like to show off your stylish flair with.

Modern closet doors offer a wide array of styles and colors to help update your closets. Many people do this type of redecorating to be different, and add items such as windows to closets or even use them as a fashion statement. Sliding doors of the past or louvered doors are being traded in for contemporary dividers and organizers with a frosted glass look for a more open appearance. Remember that just because you trade up the interior door for a better model does not mean you should keep the same hardware.

Hardware for doors varies, as many remodeling professionals will tell. Sliding doors offer a track much like bifold doors. Frosted glass doors are generally fashioned in the same way as an entrance door to a home and requires a set of wall mounted hinges and pins. The prices for additional hardware will vary based on the depot or location you purchase them from, as there are many options to choose from. Many interior doors are not sold with the hardware they require, and therefore you will have to purchase this separately at your local store. Brass or gold hinges are more expensive pieces of hardware than the aluminum or nickel hardware options. Therefore the depot you purchase the contemporary or modern closet doors from should be checked for corresponding hardware.

Any time a new door is being purchased, make sure to have the dimensions of the old doorway. Sliding doors have different dimensions than bifold doors or dividers, even doors with windows. Many contemporary doors are smaller than was previously made, therefore it may be required that a different type of door be used than what you are interested in. It may also be required that walls or a walk way be installed along with a new doorway so that the new contemporary door will fit the dimensions.

When using modern closet doors, it is advised that organizers and divider systems be used to make room. Even though there is a new door on the front of the closet, the fact that the new door could have windows or frosted glass would allow visitors to see the contents. This would mean that a clutter would be visible unless organizers or divider systems would be needed. For the best outcome, modern closet doors should be compared. From prices and hardware to different door systems and extras such as windows, the options are endless to bring your interior up to date with new modern closet doors.

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