April 15, 2024


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Make Your Computer Run Faster With Windows in Moments – Most Effective Way to Speed Up My Computer

Everyone wonders how to make their computer run faster. Nearly all computers slow down on efficiency after some time. Pop-ups begin invading, applications require awhile to load and additionally some computers also make some noises during start up. Yet there are several things we can do regarding it prior to actually contacting a professional to fix the computer. Allow me to guide you through the best way to speed up my computer. Try putting into action these today and they will definitely speed up your PC to a good degree.

* To start, defragment your PC (Go to Start -> programs -> accessories -> system tools -> Disk defragmenter. Few hours spent once in awhile results in good speed. Removing all unneeded files before beginning Disk defragmenter also helps a lot.

* Adding RAM is an additional good idea to speed up the PC.

* The Internet cache must be cleared and cookies and the temp directory ought to be removed routinely to speed up browsing. The temp directory stores hundreds of files with time and slows down system greatly. Users of Windows 2000/XP must make hidden folders visible first and next go to C: ->Documents and Settings ->USER->Local Settings->Temp folder; select all and press delete.

* Another idea is an Antivirus application which can maintain the system free from viruses, Spyware and malware. If your system operates really slow or shows undesirable websites or pop-ups when you are not even connected to the Internet, then it is likely infected with some Spyware.

* Run the MSCONFIG utility and it will switch off all the unneeded Startup programs that utilize lot of memory as well as processing power. Go to Start -> Run -> Type MSCONFIG & press ‘OK’.

* Uninstalling unused programs/files is another method to speed up my computer. Go to Control Panel -> Add / Remove Program to delete a program fully.

* Go to start -> programs -> accessories -> system tools -> Disk Cleanup to improve your system performance.

* Turning off fancy graphics likewise speeds up the system.

Even a new system gradually slows down with time and there are many means to speed up the PC without any hardware upgrades. Apply these ideas to make the system run quicker and in case the desired results are not obtained, then another technique to speed up my computer is to get rid of your old Windows version and get Windows 7 now and have amazing results right away.