April 15, 2024


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How to Browse CRT Tube Portion Quantities

All image tubes, no matter whether monochrome or colour variety are identified by a specific code consisting of figures and letters. The codes are different from every single other since diverse tubes have different features.

For illustration, a specific keep track of color picture tube may well have the designation, M34AFA63X03 that can breakdown into 6 sections: M/34/AFA/63/X/03

Portion 1: Software

Computer monitor tubes commence with the letter “M” when for a Television set photograph tube, it commence with “A”.

Element 2: Display diagonal measure in centimeters (cm)

The “34” means the diagonal viewing measure is a least of 34cm which refers to 14″ tube, 36cm is 15″, 41cm is 17″ and so on.

Component 3: Relatives code

The 3 letters “AFA” designate a loved ones of tubes that have very similar bodily and electrical attribute. These letters are assigned alphabetically starting with “AAA”, adopted by “AAB”, “AAC” and many others.

Portion 4: Family members selection

The quantity 63 shows a precise tube in just the spouse and children code. A various amount is assigned to tubes within the same family members that have unique neck diameters, for example a single digit would be a monochrome tube, but this two-digit number reveals it is color.

Portion 5: Phosphor Form

The fifth symbol provides the phosphor designation. The letter X here corresponds to P22 for color picture tubes. Color check tubes can have any other one letter (excluding I, O, or W) to designate other phosphor variety for a variety of applications. For monochrome shots, the phosphor symbol is WW, corresponding to P4. Monochrome keep an eye on tubes also can use WW or some other two-letter blend (excluding I and O).

Component 6: Integral neck parts

The sixth symbol is assigned only for tubes having integral neck factors, this sort of as the deflection yoke. The specs are only utilize to a certain tube producer. The main thing to consider right here is winding inductance. The yoke coils have distinctive sensitivity i.e. deflection for every Amp in each horizontal and vertical.