June 19, 2024


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"Do I Have Spyware?" Identifying the Symptoms of Spyware

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Are you pondering the question of “Do I have Spyware”? Anyone who hasn’t already protected their computer should be asking this question. The fact is, 87% of personal computers are infected with spyware or some type of unwanted program.

The symptoms of spyware may be very discrete, or they might be quite obvious, it all depends. The most common thing that people will notice is their computers performance. Your computer will run noticeably slower if you have spyware. Other things include, your computer freezes frequently, it turns off by itself, things change around on their own, or your p/c sometimes acts like it has a mind of its own.

Do you ever try and visit a site, but then you are redirected to an unfamiliar site that you didn’t request? This too is a common sign of spyware. Another thing you might notice is that you are getting an excessive number of pop-ups. No matter what web page you are on, there will be pop-ups being thrown at you. Perhaps you are getting pop-ups even when your browser isn’t open.

These are all common signs of spyware, and you may be experiencing all of them, or maybe just one. Either way there is a good chance your computer is infected. In the last couple years spyware has been growing more and more advanced, and some spyware doesn’t produce any symptoms.

This spyware is the most dangerous because its goal could be to steal your credit card numbers, or identity. Since people don’t notice any symptoms they don’t take any precautions, and this is how people get valuable information stolen. Therefore, the most effective way to answer the question of “Do I have Spyware” is to get your computer scanned.

There are a number of anti-spyware programs that will scan your computer for free. This is the most effective way to identify spyware, especially the stealthy kind. I highly recommend that you get a scan of your computer.

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