May 21, 2024


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Comparing Manual and Automatic Blood Pressure Monitors

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High blood pressure is never good for anyone, particularly for the aged. With a complicated condition of this nature so many different illnesses can result, leading to a general lack of well being. So in order to deal with this you at least have to measure it and know whether or not it is high. There are two types of devices used to measure the pressure of your blood, the manual and automatic blood pressure monitors, and they work differently.

The first basic type is the manual monitor. In the more professional field of medical science it is known as the aneroid monitor. These monitors consist of a gauge that can be read using a dial. The dial itself is connected to a cuff that generally gets inflated when you press it with you hand. This cuff is placed around your biceps and there is an accompanying rubber ball that you are supposed to squeeze regularly.

The second type is of course the digital monitor, a defiant challenge to old school techniques of reading pressure of the blood mentioned above. These monitors are actually more popular than aneroid monitors and are generally used more often than the manual ones.

With this kind of monitor there is no real need to use any of your physical strength to make it work. Operated by batteries it works at a quicker pace than manual monitors that take quite some time to produce a reading. But because they work with batteries they can be expensive and undependable. What I mean is that if the batteries are low on power you could end up with a wrong reading.

Which type of monitor are you going to opt for now that I have told you a thing or two about which products are on the market? But whatever you do work with a device that gives you satisfaction instead of unwarranted displeasure.

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