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Ace Hardware Corp Franchise Review

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Ace Hardware Corp Franchise Review

Ace Hardware Corp franchisee is a grand proposition for all who want to run independent business. This Hardware Corporation is a mammoth with a presence in several countries worldwide with over 4800 places of dealing. In United States, Ace Hardware Corp is operating in all the states. It is an astonishing fact that company’s supercenter warehouse opened in 1993 occupies more than 1 million sq, ft floor space. Much of the driving force in development in hardware and tooling industry is the result of the popularity of DIY concept.

The tools and products sold by Ace hardware are in the range of hand tools, power tools, garden equipments, plumbing and electrical supplies. The offer for franchisee is unique with company’s open support to the qualifying financial package up to $255,000. The company has a well established franchisee practice, which is in existence since 1976. The opportunity is quite liberal to own even multipoint Ace hardware stores.

The Power Behind Ace Hardware Franchise

The Company held ranks in franchisee ratings conducted by different professional market research organizations. The most credible was ‘Highest in Customer Satisfaction among Home Improvement Stores Two Years in a Row’ rating awarded to Ace Hardware by J.D. Power and Associates in 2008. The franchisee can feel the strong range of 10,000 proprietary Ace brands to sell. That should be a confidence of the franchisees to offer products for every need of the customers.

Franchisee Investment

The franchise fee is a reasonable amount of $5,000 as the membership fee plus $5000 mandatory stock purchase. The total investment varies a lot with the size of warehouse you want to go for and may work out anywhere from $239,000 to $1,567,000. However, the company extends good financial support to the qualifying individuals. The financial assistance comes through the organization, Wells Fargo. A net worth of $400,000 and Cash liquidity of $250,000 are necessary for the individuals to qualify. Hold your confidence; over 22% franchisees are owners of multiple Ace Hardware franchisee units.

As regards to the total investment, it becomes difficult to provide some firm guidance because the land or property prices widely fluctuate from place to place. Depending upon the size and location of the warehouse, the company permits and assists you borrowing between $390,000 and $740,000.

The specific Ace incentive packages are available from the company for the franchisees. These are an inventory discount up to $110,000 and $195,000 for setting up the store, and staff services and training.

Franchisee Training And Support

DIY industry strongly depends upon knowledge of the franchisees to understand the customers’ needs and guide them for right purchases. Ace Hardware fully believe in this policy and thus maintain regular training and detailing sessions at franchisees’ premises. It is obvious that the franchisees get an initial training program at Ace Hardware corporate center for 2 weeks.

Other Business Promotion Supports And Assistance

The franchisees are guided thoroughly on safety and security procedures apart from field operations and evaluation processes to ensure customer satisfaction. Regular assistance can be had from toll-free phone, meetings and assistance through the internet.

The franchisees get the full advantage of ads on national and regional media, the co-op ads and support of other marketing promo tools.

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