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We have shipped many puppies to destinations all over the United States. With the exception of a single missed connection, we have not experienced any problems shipping our puppies. We take extra measures to ensure their safety and comfort while they are in transit.

We will not ship any puppy before they are eight weeks of age and they must be eating well on their own. Smaller puppies may need a week or so more before they can travel - it all depends on the puppy.

How we ship

We fly puppies out of DFW airport and we use Continental, Delta, and American as our primary carriers. When communicating with us, it is helpful to let us know the name of the closest international airport where one of these airlines might have a flight.

Your puppy will be checked out by our veterinarian and the officials at the airport to ensure he/she is healthy and fit for the journey.

We will email you all the details of your puppy's flight and it will include a list of items to take to the airport with you.

You should be waiting for your puppy at the airport at the given time. Please call us about the puppy's safe arrival - we track the flights but we want to know that you have your baby.