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All new RSS feed from We Be Pups

We are proud to introduce an all new RSS feed from We Be Pups. We have heard from folks all around the country that they love to visit our site just for the pictures. We simply love this! We also have several folks on our waiting lists that we contact when we have new litters or when we post new additions to our nursery and we realize that there are people who prefer to look at our puppies and keep updated anonymously.

Well, we think that the release of our RSS feed is a great thing for everyone. As we have puppies whelp and when we place puppies in the nursery, we will update our RSS feed so that anyone watching will be automatically alerted.

If you are familiar with RSS, you should recognize the RSS symbol on our home page. If you have FireFox, you can simply click on the icon and subscribe to the feed. If you need the exact address of the feed, here it is:


For our clients who have no idea what RSS is or never used it, here is a fairly decent description that will get you started.

There are more and more readers becoming available every day. Here is a site that list several readers of various types. I have played with a few of them and thought I would share my thoughts on the ones I have tried.

FireFox Fairly decent but I thought it was a bit unwieldy.  I also want to see the content of the feed and not necessarily have to navigate to the sites page to see the content - Firefox really doesn't aggregate the news it basically build a list of bookmarks that will send you to the full articles.
Internet Explorer 7 Microsoft's free browser with an RSS reader built in. I said I wouldn't be loading it anytime soon, however at the time I wrote that, we weren't planning on completely rewriting our entire web site. As I began the rewrite, I needed to test the new code against IE 7.x so I grabbed it and installed it. While I am not real crazy about the browser itself, the RSS features of IE 7 are very nice and well thought out.
NewsGator A free online reader. My main problem with it is that it is an online reader - RSS should feed me information and I don't want to have to navigate anywhere to get the updates. (This is just me folks as these free online readers are extremely popular).
Google Reader Another free online reader. I really liked this one and if I were to go online for RSS feeds today, this is the one I would probably use. I like the way it formats the feeds and shows the actual content of the feed.
FeedDemon UPDATE: A desktop news aggregator that sits in the tray as an icon and stays up to date with news headlines. I really like FeedDemon and best of all - it is free!   This has been my all time favorite news reader all along so now there is no reason to not use it.
Microsoft Outlook 2007

The new kid on the block as far as a RSS reader is concerned. I thought I would give this a whirl before I purchase FeedDemon because it makes perfect sense to me that when I check for new mail, I should be able to check for updated headlines at the same time. One caveat is that it doesn't seem to pay any attention to an updated article once it has already been downloaded. While preparing our RSS feed, I found that I had to unsubscribe and re-subscribe to get the latest version of the article. Something that shouldn't really effect me since it is not normal to update articles previously posted. The nature of our RSS feed suggest that I should either mark a puppy sold or remove it from the RSS feed, both of which are updates to the original article.

The jury is still out on this tool but it looks fairly promising.

Update - I am still using Outlook 2007 for my RSS feed and will very likely stay with it. It works well and as I stated above, it just makes sense to check for updates while I am reading my mail.

Update - FeedDemon (listed above) is now free! If you don't have Outlook 2007, seriously consider using FeedDemon. It is a great product.

You may want to play around with some different aggregators to see what works best for you. We hope you enjoy and make use of our RSS feed.

Bill & Angie Mullen