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  OK. You have decided which puppy you want and everything is in place. All you need now is to prepare for your puppy's arrival.


If you don't already have one, find a veterinarian and make an appointment for your new puppy. Make sure you take your puppy's medical records with you on your first visit.

Household safety

Look around your house (on your floor) for small objects that can choke your puppy and remove them. You may also need to raise your electrical cords off the floor or get some bitter apple and spray it on them (see Toys below). Also, please be careful when leaving your house and closing your door. Puppies have a tendency of chasing after you and can get themselves slammed in the door if you aren't careful.


We recommend that you continue feeding your puppy the same food we feed them at We Be Pups (Pro Pac Performance Puppy). Your puppy kit will include a 4 lbs. of food - enough to get you started. If you cannot locate an outlet near you, then please feed them a high quality food - one without by-products would be the best choice. If you change your puppy's food, we strongly recommend that you do so gradually. This allows your puppy to make a smooth transition from the food they are used to, to the new food. Do this by mixing 75% Pro Pac Performance Puppy and 25% of the new food the first two days, 50% Pro Pac Performance Puppy and 50% of the new food for the next two days, 25% Pro Pac Performance Puppy and 75% of the new food for the next two days, and finally 100% of the new puppy food. You should also note that they may experience an upset stomach during the transition period.


We recommend that you gradually introduce your puppy to your tap water. Do this by mixing 75% bottled water and 25% tap water for the first day or so, 50% bottled water and 50% tap water for the next day or two, 25% bottled water and 75% tap water for one or two days, and finally 100% tap water.


Your puppy will soon loose their puppy teeth and will replace them with their adult teeth. During this time, they will have the urge to chew and we don't want them chewing on electrical cords, furniture, clothes, shoes, etc. Get your puppy some toys that they can chew on. You will want both soft plush toys as well as teething type toys. Your new puppy kit will include one or two toys but you will need a few more. Read our document on chewing.


If your puppy will be an indoor dog, read about crate training & house training, then go get a crate - you will be glad you did.

Last but not least

We gladly accept and very much appreciate pictures of your puppy (even a year or two later when they are adults) and stories that we can post on our web site (if you don't want them posted let us know but please send them to us anyway). We know you are proud of your puppy and we are too. If your puppy receives awards or is recognized, send us a quick little note so we can add it to their puppy page and if you have a link to the story or article on the web, send that too so we can link to it as well.

We loved, protected, and cared for your puppy from the day they were born until we sent them to you. We struggle each and every time we take a puppy to the airport or watch as you drive away with them. We really do love our puppies and would love to keep track of them, so please stay in touch. Don't forget, Angie said she might come knock on your door with her camera if you don't send us some pictures.


If you don't already have one, find a veterinarian and make an appointment for your new puppy. This is so important, we are including it on this page twice.