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  Owner Registration Application

This is a free service for families who adopted a puppy from We Be Pups. We cannot register your puppy if it wasn't adopted from us - you should get with the person you got your puppy from for assisitance.

We will use the information you provide on this form to register you puppy with APRI.

  • When naming your puppy, consider giving him/her your last name and include that on this form. We will submit the information exactly the way you enter it here.

  • If the puppy is to be registered in more than one persons name, enter the names exactly as you want them to appear.

  • Puppy names must start with a letter and the name cannot contain any numbers (0,1,2 etc.) but can contain roman numerials

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   Puppy Information
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   Owner(s) Information
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Please verify all the information to ensure its accuracy. Once you have confirmed the data on this form is accurate, press the submit button to send the data to us. You will receive a copy of the data you submit for your records at the email address you entered above.

Thank you for choosing We Be Pups.