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In Loving Memory
Suzie Q. Dec 29, 1996 - Nov 4, 2006
Suzie Q. was one of a kind, a special little girl who so many loved. Many people looked forward to seeing Suzie in the morning where Mamma works. She had the power to enlighten even the dullest of spirits and make them smile. For us, we had the privilege of having such a well-mannered, very smart and extremely loving companion. Her loss was massive.
Laulli 1998 - 2006
Laulli was a very special dog, she stayed with my dad everyday and kept him company after my mother passed away. Dad passed away in 2005 and I guess Laulli needed to be with him, so she left me to return to his side. I still miss her, and feel her spirit around me everyday. God bless her.
Maggie Mae Oct 9, 1990 - Jan 16, 2007
Maggie was a gal with lots of attitude and a love for "snausages" and walks in the park. She was the Queen of the household and let everyone know it! Maggie was Josh's (now 21) first pet and they grew up together. Not sure who protected whom more. Maggie was a sweet girl and very loving. Maggie is deeply missed and will always remain in our hearts.
Ruby Sep 9, 2006 - Jun 20, 2007
Ruby was full of love, energy, curiosity and adventure. She left us too early, but, in her very short life she taught us some important lessons. One was to love openly and unconditionally. Two, to be gentle. Three, to be careful with out trusting furry family members. She brought us fun and laughter. Wherever we went, people would stop us to pet her and play with her. She was a very special member of our family and we will miss her forever and she will always have a special place in our hearts.
Sadie Canton Mar 3, 1997 - Aug 19, 2007
I am a polio survivor and have had many, many surgeries on my legs and back. My sweet Sadie Canton never left my side while I was recouping from these surgeries. She would always welcome me back home from the hospital after my surgeries and lay on the bed with me endless hours. She always watch my walk and never got in my way or ever made me trip or fall. There are just no words that can described the emptiness and loss that I feel for my Sadie Canton. She was without a doubt the most loving, compassionate and the smartest little girl I have ever seen. My heart aches for her each and every day and she will always be missed.
Toby James Oct 23, 2006 - Nov 18, 2008
Toby Bear, as he was affectionately called because he was a big teddy bear, left us way too soon. He was our easy going, laid back guy who gave us so much love, affection and joy. No squirrel was safe in our yard with Toby on duty! We will miss his huge vocal range and being "talked" to each day. He was our buddy who has left a big paw print on our hearts. We love you.